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cheater cheater pumpkin eater

I am so incredibly pissed right now because I can now confirm that all boys are fucking assholes.  You tell a girl who is already way too good for you that you love her, but you don't actually mean it because you just want to have sex with her.  And then, I guess you put up with her because every girl wants to be her and every other guy wonders how you landed her in the first place.  But then one night you decide you want to hang out with the shadiest people ever, get fucked up and hook up with the NASTIEST girl ever, just so SHE can call her ex-boyfriend who broke up with her the NIGHT BEFORE to rub it in his face.  Classy.

This makes me question relationships in general.  Why the fuck do we tell people we love them when we're just going to fuck around and completely disregard our feelings towards our significant other?  Do I tell my best friend her boyfriend is a complete douche bag?  She told me he promised her that he didn't hook up with the other girl, but the cat's out of the bag, people.  THIS IS WHY TRUST IS DEAD.  And I can guarantee who ever reads this that my best friend will believe her fuck ass boyfriend over the person who told her.  He's not even man enough to own up to what he did.  Instead he promises her that it isn't true, when, in fact, I know that it is.  How are we ever supposed to trust each other when we can basically get away with whatever we want once "I love you" is the bridge holding the relationship together?  "He loves me, so he would never hurt me."  HAHAHAHA.

Go to hell.
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