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I know this is getting old, and I hope I'm healing, but I honestly have no one who understands, and this is the one place where I can vent.
If he ever sees any of these excuses,  I swear, I don't know what I'd do.
Capitalization was weird in MS word...sorry.

How  do I take that step from love to just friends?

Could you help me please?

Cause there’s a gap in between and I’m  scared.

I see you’ve fallen through, disappeared for awhile,

but you are trying  to pull yourself back up.

As you pull on the rope, trying to reach the safety,

I never know if you are going to fall deeper.

Each time you reach out I respond… and I wait for

Weeks only to hear nothing, and  fear you’ve fallen deeper.

I look down for you often.

I try to reach out for you, placing hints in places

Where you can see.

I don’t know if you realize that I’m stuck too.

Though you’ve made yourself fall out of love,

My feet are weighted down like lead.

I know I love you, and yet it’s so hard to convince myself

That this unconditional love that has somehow survived a broken

Heart and shattered hopes can be a love between friends.

Each time I see you, I realize I’m still in love as much as I ever was.

We’ve fallen opposite ways.

We can’t meet in the middle, or we’d  both fall through

Disappearing from one another for another few years at least.

We can’t meet anywhere but  at the end, as friends.

So tell me, one  who I remember from years past,

When you are ready to take that step.

All I know is that it will take time for my heart,

 But I’ll be waiting

Open arms and open mind

I’ll be  waiting.

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