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Fuck Love, I'm Tired of Trying

 I met this guy ten years older than me. I am 34 and he is 44. Our birthdays are both in November. He told me he is still in love with his deceased fiance and he does not know if he can give me unconditional love and he does not want to cheat anyone. However on the other hand we talk every day, have sex, go out every weekend and sometimes through the week. I care a great deal for this man and I am just lost for words. I want a chance to love him but I don't know how. I written a letter asking for a chance to love him in hopes it can heal his heart to love again unconditionally but it seems as if he wants to continue in the state he is in and I'm just stuck with a shell. What the Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hmm, it sounds like he is still grieving for his deceased fiancee and is not ready for a relationship. Which leads me to wonder why he's dating again. :/
If he's not ready to love you then let him go for now. If you're meant to be together it will work out one way or the other.
You are so right. I got to bite the bullet. I must pull back and out

Deleted comment

LoL! thanks for your comment. I will have to make my decision asap